Adventurer Boy Trick

Adventure Boy Trick is an arcade style game in which the aim is to make sure adventure boy doesn’t fall in the water by keeping him walking in the beautiful snow ice environment. and to get more high score and share it by Google Play Game Services to beat other players.
Some core features of Adventure Boy Trick are

✔ Its easy to play but gets harder as the game goes on!
✔ Nice and beautiful eye catching snow scenery enviroment
✔ Adventure Boy Trick has nice background music for Main menu screen , background game play screen and game over screen
✔ Easily turn OFF/ON music and sounds
✔ Save the highest score
✔ Can share score via Google Play Game Services with friends and family OR with others players
✔ To see how to play please watch promo video

In Adventure Boy Trick we getting only Internet permissions to show relevant ads hope it’s not annoying for players.

Thank you for playing Adventure Boy Trick with us




Don't fall the Adventure Boy into water use the Tricks to keep him walking

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