Beetle, Cockroach Smasher

Don’t let go down Beetle & Cockroach Smash it!! before they eat your bakery

Beetle, Cockroach Smasher a nice action game play the beetle will try to eat your bakery but your aim will be to smash these beetle and cockroach by finger tap on screen before they go down.

Features Detail

As you go forward and getting more high score the beetle, cockroach crawling speed will increase which become more interesting to smash it down by finger tap on screen.

Another cool feature of Beetle, Cockroach Smasher game is that it will keep your score statistic such as your gotten score and your highest score in table, and you can share this score with your friends and family via Google Play Game Service to challenge them to beat you on more high score.

Beetle, Cockroach Smasher game is also giving you options to ON/OFF game play sound, and download more apps and game from AR Technology Play Store Account.

We kept a horror bee in Beetle, Cockroach Smasher game if you tap on it Or try to smash it will cut you and you will lost a life, so be aware don’t tap on it.

You have three lives to get highest score in it, When you lost a life one piece of cake and lives heart will be hide.

You can Pause and Resume Or Exit game during game play anytime.


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Don’t let go down Beetle & Cockroach Smash it!! before they eat your bakery

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