Fast Freaking Maths

Solve simple mathematical equation in one second with Yes Or No the crazy game

Fast Freaking Maths a simple addictive puzzle game which all about simple mathematical equation just like 4-2=2 or 5-6=1 it’s more crazy and fun to solve these equation in just one second which become more interesting to play this game.


– Can compete you friends through sharing your score on Google Play Game service, leatherboard supported.
– Nice perfect game play Sounds
– Can OF / ON Game Sound
– Keep top Score high
– Get one Second time on right answer
– Dynamic game screen backgrounds and question equations
– Perfect nice graphic User Interface design
– Never endless, time killing game
– Absolutely Free….

Once you play Fast Freaking Maths Game you just need to keep eye on mathematical equation and see the result if it’s true or not and tap the button according to answer. If you give the right answer you will get one simple equation and one second to solve it. If you give the wrong answer OR you can’t give answer in one second than the game will be over.

Fast Freaking Maths insanely crazy addictive fun way game. It’s help you to boost your simple addition and subtraction mathematical scale on fast way. You can also challenge your friends to beat you with this fast crazy game.

Thanks for playing Fast Freaking Math Game




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