Math Memory Game

Solve simple math questions with insanity fun

Math Memory Game a crazy fast math questions solving puzzle game which will boost your mind of math memory, Its also help to student s in their education period to make fast their calculation power with simple questions.
Math Memory game is a prototype of Freaking mathematics which have more helpful fact to increase memorize power of your mind.


* Simple classic addictive design
* Three different form of questions (equations) ,(Addition, Subtraction, Random)
*On every new level puzzle gride will increase to become more complected
* Help tutorial with example
* Full statistic detail of the game play
* Share the result with other via your installed apps, like facebook, whatsApp, twitter, messanger etc.
* Levels up design

–How to Play–

Math Memory Game is simple in playing its have in app tutorial with example, bellow step are given for your guide,

Step 1:

First tap on one Rectangle and note what you see. Then tap on another Rectangle

Step 2:

Once you tap again another Rectangle see the calculate result if it’s equal to you notice number then both 2 Rectangle color will change to Green and you will win more time. If not equal to that number then will change back to Red

Step 3:

Playing Math Memory Game your aim will be to make Green the complete Grid for next level up, You will have less than one minute to solve the puzzle




Solve simple math questions with insanity fun

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