Reflex Colors

Do you really know colors names? ,if yes give answers in just one second

Reflex Colors also know as (Freaking Colors) which is an endless freaking game. Where you can see the text and color of that text and give your answer with YES, NO buttons.

AR Technology also published Fast Freaking Math Game which you can find it here but this
time we decide to publish Freaking Color game with name Reflex Colors, which is more interesting because you will deal with multi colors.

How TO Play

As in screenshots you can see the color name and the name text color itself if both are true then press right button else press wrong one.


If you see the word “White” with color white it’s means true else wrong


* Endless game which will never keep you bored
* Nice sound effects during game play
* Sound can ON/OFF, Share, Rate within game
* Keep highest score on top
* Share your score with other to challenge them to beat you

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Thanks for playing Reflex Colors Game




Give the answer of color name in just one second, The freaking color game

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