Stickman Runner

Run the Stick Line Man avoid the obstacles to jump over them in 100+ levels

Line Stickman Runner is a nice addictive game in which your goal will be to keep running the Line Stickman avoid the obstacles to jump over them and finish the level. There are many Stickman runner endless games but this time we introduce Line Stickman game with 100+ levels, which is more interesting when you get start from easy level designs and become harder as levels increasing.

Line Stickman Runner has great running and jumping animation effects which make more interest in game play. In
Line Stickman Runner added nice environment suit sound effects such as for jumping, obstacles, collision, starting game sounds.

Line Stickman Run has one fast running speed zone in which the player has become more fast run and has do more long jump.

Line Stickman Run game come with three different difficulty levels Like (Beginning, Evolution, Experience) overall Line Stickman Runner have 100+ levels but we are adding more in coming versions.

I f your newbie and don’t know how to play Line Stickman Runner game there is a help menu option in start of game first scene which give you a brief overview that how to play Line Stickman Run game.

Also you can ON/OFF background music and other sounds like obstacles and jump sounds.


We get your phone internet permission to run relevant ads. Note after every three times game over we show one full screen ads.

For any suggestion, update and help please contact us at we will be happy to hear you.

Thanks for playing Line Stickman Runner




Platform 2D game, Runer over 100+ levels, Avoid obstacles to jump over them

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